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Welcome To The Arbors Sober Living

Located in beautiful Long Beach, Ca, just between Los Angeles and Orange County, the Arbors Sober Living Community offers a safe, supportive sober environment for people to start or continue their journey of recovery.

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Our Philosophy

At the Arbors Sober Living, Our goal is to create a safe, supportive and sober environment where we emphasize community. Residents of the Arbors are given the chance to focus on their recovery with others who are starting or continuing their journey. Our staff are knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated to each and every person in our community.

A New Life

At the Arbors, we believe that recovery can be fun, and we sometimes have to learn to have fun again without the use of substances—with new communities. We balance the fun with accountability in our community and hold one another accountable for our actions.

Our sober living program is highly structured, and residents are expected to adhere to the expectations of the community, including house rules, curfew, attending outside meetings and seeking the support of outpatient treatment, when necessary.

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What We Offer

  • Beautiful homes
  • Centrally located in Long Beach
  • Gender specific housing
  • 24-hour staffing
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Medication management

Why We are Different

  • Compassionate & dedicated staff
  • Highly structured
  • Inclusive of medication assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Pet Friendly
  • LGBTQI-affirmative
  • Affordable

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What Our Clients Say

My daughter is currently living at The Arbors Sober Living. She owes her life to them!!!! Because of the type of medication she's on nobody and I mean nobody would take her but they did. The facility itself is incredible but more importantly it is run by professionals who have a big heart for people in need. The house manager is so loving and caring and has taken my Daughter under her wing and is there for her 100%. Because of the arbors sober living my daughter Is succeeding and has a future. The best sober living home available. So grateful for them.

- Gary S. -

This place is amazing and I highly recommend it for those that are trying to maintain sobriety. The staff are the most supportive and caring people I've met in recovery. Compared to the other places that are close by this is by far the best.

- Michael F. -

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